Mission Statement

Hi, my name is Sully.  I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a lot, and have explored many different and exciting cultures, but always have a feeling of warmth when I drive down caves road in Margaret River.  There is something about this winding road, with Jarrah trees, vineyards and tracks that lead off into isolated surf breaks, that makes me feel good. It is the feeling of home.

When I started the Flying Corkscrew, there were already many traditional wine tours in the area but my feeling was this – what if I could create something different.  What if I could give people the kind of experience that would not easily forget.  What if I started a tour that was relaxed, where you could go at your own pace.  What if the wine tastings were all very personalised, in private rooms and behind the scenes.  What if I worked with award winning wineries – that are already known for food, wine and service, to create an incredible long lunch.

What I’m aiming for at the Flying Corkscrew is to create the ultimate “wow” experience. To get there, I know there will be challenges along the way, but it sure will be fun trying.